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The Student Activites Board is the key contributor to the campus wide calendar of student events.  While not every event is put on solely by SAB, the Student Activities office is involved with coordinating all the events and promoting them to the student body.  By working with SGA, Campus Ministry, Athletics, Greek Life, and more, the SAB is responsible for ensuring that Lipscomb students are given the opportunity to have pure and wholesome social activities during their college years. 

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Calendar of Events

SAB Staff

The Lipscomb Student Activities Board is made up of twelve students. These students help plan a calendar of events, promote the events to the rest of the student body, and see that each event is executed well.  These students are all involved in other parts of campus and have displayed unbelievable creative thinking when it comes to meeting the needs of a diverse student body.  Anyone interested in joining the SAB can fill out an application during the application process each spring semester. 

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Bison Athletics

One of the Student Activties Board's biggest partners is the athletic program at Lipscomb. Lipscomb is a Division 1 athletic program, meaning that it's athletic teams compete at the hight collegiate level. With great venues for our teams, the Student Activities Board tries to coordinate events based around sporting events as much as possible so that athletes can attend campus events and so that traditional students can support their school teams. Follow the link to see what the Bisons athletic schedule looks like. 

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